F is for Farm to Table | Opus AZ
There’s just nothing like the vibrant, 
vital flavors packed into farm-fresh 
foods and it’s hard to get fresher than
Located in Phoenix, Arizona 
on a working farm (go figure), 
this place is a veritable cornucopia
of everything fresh from the air to 
the atmosphere to the food. 
“Real-world” problems seem to become
distant and dim as you leave the 
parking lot, head towards the 
Soil and Seed Garden Market on 
a Saturday morning, or stroll through
the pecan grove on a Thursday
at dusk, before your dinner reservation
at  Quiessense (one of three
restaurants that are as crisply delicious
as they are romantically charming). 
This is the perfect venue for
your wedding, baby shower,
or other forever-memories.
Check out their event calendar.
From Valentine’s Picnic in the Grove,
painting parties, family yoga, 
cooking and gardening 
classes – something is 
always going on. 
Even if that “something”
 is a beautiful and much 
needed “nothing”!