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I is for Interstate 40

Don’t let summer boredom get you down! Go NORTH!! I is for Interstate 40 …. I is for Interstate 40 Running from desert, through grasslands to forest, the I-40 is a beautiful way to see noteworthy parts of Northern Arizona you may not know about. …. Day...

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H is for Hashknife Pony Express

H is for Hashknife Pony Express and they are not responsible for what happens to your mail after it is delivered… ………. …….. …… The Hashknife Pony Express is the oldest officially sanctioned Pony Express that still...

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F is for Farm to Table

There’s just nothing like the vibrant,  vital flavors packed into farm-fresh  foods and it’s hard to get fresher than The Farm at South Mountain! Located in Phoenix, Arizona  on a working farm (go figure),  this place is a veritable cornucopia of everything fresh from...

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Az A to Z: E is for Eloy

        As many times as you  might have driven by  on the I-10,  you may not know  the North American  skydiving epicenter is  in our collective  back yard!          If you want to be as cool as  our Grandma and skydive on...

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Az A to Z: D is for Dragoon Mountains

      Sky Islands soar above rolling desert hills rich with amber grasses and a dreamscape of rock formations…       …driving through the Dragoons and their surrounds,  your car windows become  a beautiful kaleidoscope of biomes...

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