I is for Interstate 40 | Opus AZ

Don’t let summer boredom get you down!

I is for Interstate 40

I is for Interstate 40
Running from desert,
through grasslands to forest,
the I-40 is a beautiful way
to see noteworthy parts
of Northern Arizona you may
not know about.
Day trip to Flagstaff? You bet!
Spend some time enjoying
the incredible weather
and taking in
or spend the afternoon at
The Arboretum touring the garden,
on a bird walk or other fun event!
A quick shot east of Flagstaff
to Winslow, Arizona (now you will have that song stuck in your head
for the rest of the day too!)
and sheer natural beauty at
or the
Just a half hour west
of Flagstaff to Williams
where you can play
at Bearizona or take
a charming train ride to
the Grand Canyon on the